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raguba Technologies


raguba Technologies is a small business which is specialized on producing equipment for the paintball sport.


The product portfolio will be expanded all the time. The mainly products are tuning triggers for all kind of paintball markers. These are produced in three different shapes: “grum”, “groud” and “swing”. So there should be a trigger for everybody in our product range from the ergonomical point of view.

Beside the two rails there are also t-shirts in the range. In the future there will be also more merchandise products.


All parts are made in Germany and get there latest finish per hand. This fact and that all this is done as a part time business can be the reason that, if the parts are not in stock, you have a waiting time up to six weeks. But the stock is much bigger than in the beginning.


There is no webshop. To order, just send an e-mail, like explained under point “Ordering Process”. You will get a reply as soon as possible. Please remember, in Germany we live in GMT +1 time.


And now have fun browsing the site.